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Length of classes


  • Pre School Classes 30 mins

  • Junior School Classes 45mins

  • Middle School Classes: 60 mins

  • Senior/Major Ballet Classes: 75 mins  or 90 mins 

  • Senior Modern/Tap/Jazz Classes: 60 mins

  • Musical Theatre Classes: 60 mins

  • Acrobatic Arts 60mins

  • Adult Classes : 60 mins





  • The fees are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current rate.Vat reg: no: 190 3586 52.


  • All fees are payable in advance and invoiced at the end of each term for the following term's payment.


  • Fees are for 1 class per week per 10 week term - 3 terms per annum. Length of terms can vary and is determined by calendar events.




Terms & Conditions


  • It is not necessary to re-register every term.


  • Pupils continue through the school unless written notice is received that comply with the withdrawal regulations as below


  • ADDITIONAL EXAMINATION COACHING CLASSES: Parents will be notified in advance, in writing, if their child is thought to be ready to be entered for examination. An additional weekly coaching class is required in the term leading up to the examination. Attendance at this class and the normal weekly class is vital.


  • NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL Notice of withdrawal of a pupil from any discipline must be received in writing, before half term, OR the following term's fees are payable in full.

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