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Drusilla Duffill Theatre School Studios

and V Pilates Studio Burgess Hill


Suite F

KBF House

55 Victoria Road

Burgess Hill

West Sussex

RH15 9LH

Pupil Care manager: Natalie Sumners

01444 232672



Monday, Tuesday and Friday  



Please leave messages on the school answerphone out of office hours or contact us via email. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

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DDTS Uniform


  • Details of the School Uniform Requirements for each genre and grade are available from the school office upon request.  Contact Us 


  • DDTS School Onesies are available upon request from the school office.


  • The Drusilla Duffill Theatre School has a specially designed uniform.



  • Please could children/students accompany their parents for fitting of items.




  • We do not advise that you purchase pointe shoes or the ribbons online as they appear not to be regulation.


  • All shoes either soft or especially pointe shoes require qualified fitting.


  • We recommend personal fitting for pointe shoes by Geraldine by appointment at Dancewear by G.Lois in Burgess Hill.